Logo Theory: How Branding Design Really Works

A Branding Book Like No Other

 Learn why certain corporate identities have been used for decades, some for more than half a century, and still look contemporary, while others look dated and tired in only a few years.
 There are principles of identity design that don't change, principles that transcend fad and fashion.
 There are only four different kinds of corporate identity concepts. Learn how that can help generate more and better identity concepts
 Discover visual techniques that can turn a common concept into an uncommon, even remarkable identity.
 Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design.
 Learn all these things without years of fruitless trial and error.
    With clear, real world examples, the answers are all provided in this book. You'll see with your own eyes concepts and principles not found in any other book on corporate identity design. And they work.

We Live in a Design Savvy Culture

There are many approaches to corporate identity (logo design) these days. Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, not just getting a new design but the implementing it on stationery, website, signage, vehicles, corporate promotional materials and products.

Have you ever seen a new identity and thought the old one was better? Have you seen a logo on a sign for the first time and couldn't tell what it was? Have you ever looked at your own identity but found that in certain situations it just doesn't work? Or it costs more to reproduce on vehicles and even stationery?

Fads in logos come and go. Logos that appeared cool and cutting edge one year end up looking dated and cliché the next.

One has to wonder: aren't there fundamental logo design principles that don't become obsolete? Such principles exist in music, chemistry, engineering. Why not in branding design?

Such principles do exist and they are explained in the new book Logo Theory:
How Branding Design Really Works

150 pages

248 illustrations

Logo Theory Receives High Praise

“At last somebody actually understands what identity design is all about and how it is accomplished.”

– Ivan Chermayeff Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

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