Table of Contents


Chapter One: Foundational Principles of Graphic Design

Section 1: Professional, Prima Donna or Artsy-Fartsy?

Section 2: Bedrock Principles

Section 3: What is the Purpose of Graphic Design?

Section 4: Form Follows....?
Section 5: Basic Principles of Design

Section 6: Legibility and Contrast

Section 7: Color and Contrast

Section 8: The Doctrine of Coincide or Contrast

Chapter Two: Branding Fundamentals

Section 9: A brief Overview of Branding History

Section 10: Evolution of Some High Profile Identities

Section 11: Great Designers of the Last Century

Chapter Three: Core Principles Generating Concepts

Section 12: Corporate Identity Components

Section 13: Identity Concepts: Corporate Activity

Section 14: Identity Concepts: Corporate Ideals

Section 15: Identity Concepts: Corporate Name

Section 16: Identity Concepts: Abstract

Section 17: Knowing Your Client

Section 18: Self-Brainstorming

Chapter Four: Core Principles Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design

Section 19: Blowout

Section 20: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #1: Can't Work in Black Only

Section 21: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #2: Lack of Mass

Section 22: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #3: Obscure Contrast

Section 23: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #4: Wayward or Parts Out of Harmony

Section 24: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #5: Overlapping Elements

Section 25: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #6: Unrefined Shapes

Section 26: Deadly Sin of Logo Design #7: Tiny Elements, Thin Lines

Section 27: What's Left?

Chapter Five: Core Principles Visual Techniques

Section 28: Visual Technique #1: Containment

Section 29: Visual Technique #2: Planar of Silhouette

Section 30: Visual Technique #3: Fragmentation

Section 31: Visual Technique #4: Unique Coincidence

Section 32: Visual Technique #5: Linear Treatment

Section 33: Visual Technique #6: Ligatures, Swashes and Flourishes

Section 34: Visual Technique #7: Negative Shapes

Section 35: Visual Technique #8: Essence

Section 36: Visual Technique #9: A System of Shapes

Section 37: Visual Technique #10: Sculpted Type

Section 38: Working at Creativity  

Chapter Six: Core Principles Color, Typographic and Spatial Issues

Section 39: Log and Signature Color Basics

Section 40: Advanced Color Issues for Identities

Section 41: Typographic Issues with Signatures

Section 42: Famous Fails

Section 43: Favicons

Section 44: Final Words



Logo Theory Table of Contents

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