The Grand Poobah Speaks

Known to thousands as the Grand Poobah for his humourous and self-effacing teaching style, Michael Shumate is a logical but dynamic public speaker and pragmatic design evangelist on what he calls the Core Principles of Branding Design.
    A. Michael Shumate has been a career designer / illustrator for over 45 years, after getting his BFA degree in graphic design. He also was professor of graphic design for 25 years at St. Lawrence College (Michael is now Professor Emeritus). During that whole time he sought to discover the unchanging principles of corporate identity design—principles that trump fad or fashion every time—which he shares in his book and his teaching workshops. 

The Grand Poobah Speaks (A. Michael Shumate)

Best Teaching Scenario
Michael can and does give keynote addresses, but the best plan is for him give his half-day workshop (four 50 minute sessions). They cost the same.
    Michael's teaching is all content, no Rah! Rah! motivational filler.

How to Reduce Costs 
The biggest expenses are not my fee, meals or hotel, but the airfare. If you can get a sister institution to book me a day apart from your event, the airfare expense can be halved for each of you. Even another institution in the same region can allow significant savings for you. If you get a third one, the airfare expenses for each will drop further. You know your colleagues far better than me. It's a win-win for us all.

Discount on Books
For any event I speak at the organizer may purchase a block of copies of "Logo Theory" for a flat $12 each. It retails for $19.99 US so that price is below wholesale. Not only does this give each each of your event participants a tangible take-away, but I will autograph books at the event for any who wish it.

Michael Shumate teaching

Participants Will Learn...

 Why certain corporate identities have been used for decades, some for more than half a century, and still look contemporary, while others get dated and tired in only a few years.
 That there are principles of identity design that don't change, principles that transcend fad and fashion.
 That there are only four different kinds of corporate identity concepts and how that can help generate better concepts.
 Visual techniques that can turn a common concept into an uncommon, even remarkable identity.
 The Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design.
 All this without years of fruitless trial and error. With clear, real world examples, the answers are all provided in Michael's presentations and his book. See with your own eyes concepts and principles on branding design not found anywhere else. And they work.

Logo Theory by A. Michael Shumate

Keynote or Half-day Workshop $1200+ expenses
(Expenses are meals @ $30/day, hotel, airfare.)
    Yes, I charge the same for one hour as four hour workshop. Why? A typical speaking engagement takes three days for me: one day to get there, one for the engagement and, often (depending on connections), another day to fly home. I'd much rather give more value for the overall time invested.


What They Say about Michael

"Michael Shumate is a wonderful, genuine and engaging speaker. His presentation touched the hearts and minds of all who heard him and raised their awareness...."
--Alyssa Blais, Artpreneur Conference Organizer

"...great feedback from the faculty, staff, students, student's parents and public that attended.... Thank you Grand Poobah!"
—Amy Juneau, Collins College

"interesting...thought-provoking...passionate... and committed."
—Danny Lalonde, Bayridge High School

"prepared, educational and entertaining for audiences young and old."
—Dr. Daren Heyland, Queens University

Michael Shumate gives his Prima Donna talk

Some of Michael's Speaking Engagements
Guest Lecturer
Queens University Faculty of Education
    Kingston, Ontario
Artpreneur Conference
    Cornwall, Ontario
Art Institute
    Seattle, Washington
Art Careers Day
    Kingston, Ontario
Artpreneur Conference
    Kemptville, Ontario
Collins College
    Phoenix, Arizona

Book Michael as a Guest Lecurer or Speaker
 902-326-5019 (cell)

All schools (or other clients) that have Michael speak or teach will receive a packet of handouts and other aids to use in teaching Branding Design and in planning a new identity program with clients.